Get Ready for Kindergarten


Transitional Kindergarten, or Kindergarten?

Whether you are struggling to make a decision between Transitional Kindergarten vs Kindergarten, or public school vs. private school, we do our best to provide you with event opportunities that are based on educated information, faith, and family!  In addition, we assess our Early Childhood students each October, and then again in January, so that parents and teachers can partner on your child’s developmental trajectory.  A solid parent-teacher partnership is key in deciphering the  conundrum that comes with summer and fall birthdays, and knowing if your child is ready for Kindergarten!

Each year, we offer two event opportunities for parents and their prospective students: Kindergarten Preview Nightfor Kindergarten, and “Early Childhood’s Open House Ice and Cream Socialfor Transitional Kindergarten.  These are great opportunities to visit both programs, and even schedule an assessment with our Resource Specialist to give your family another layer of information with which to make your decision.

Birthday Guidelines for Enrollment at Hephatha

Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is for children who are born between June 1st and Dec. 31st, who either just turned 5 over the summer, or just missed the Sept. 1st cutoff date, or are recommended for an additional year of Early Childhood Education.  For more information about prepping your child for Kindergarten, click here!

Kindergarten is open to students who are five years of age by Sept. 1st of the current enrollment year.

Enroll for the Class of  2032!

* Join us for our annual “Kindergarten Preview Night” event, and schedule a tour with us!

* Click here if you’d like to begin the admissions process!

 If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Admissions Director, Mrs. Deena Knudsen, at 714.637.0887, ext. 126 or  Monday through Friday, 8am–4pm.