PAC Contact Info (Including Evacuation Plan)

Builders of Faith, Open to All

Regular office hours are M-F, 8am – 4pm.  If you need to contact the school before or after regular office hours, please call:

714-637-0887, Ext. 125

In the event of an evacuation, we will relocate as follows:

Primary Evacuation Site:

San Antonio Catholic Church Office, located right across the street from Hephatha:

5800 E. Santa Ana Canyon Road, Anaheim Hills, 92807

Secondary Evacuation Site:

Imperial Park, located at 370 S. Imperial Hwy, Anaheim Hills, 92807

If the phone lines are down,

Shepherd of the Desert is our out-of-state contact in an emergency.

You can contact them for updates at (480) 860-1188, ext 200, as we will be doing our best to keep them informed of any updates in an emergency.

This information can be found on the Emergency Disaster Plan for Childcare Centers (LIC 610), which is posted in the School Office, and on the gate located between the Church courtyard and the Early Childhood lunch table area.

If you would like a card like the one shown below, they are available in both the PAC Room (Room 6) and the School Office: